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One Page & Blog

A one page website or blog is great for those just starting out who just need a website to prove their concept or for various individuals such as bloggers, doctors, artists, etc.

Informational Website

The majority of websites we design are informational websites. These are normally used to display branded resources and services to potential and active customers, visitors, members, investors, etc. These websites are usually full of content and design driven.

E-Commerce Website

E-commerce websites are for people and businesses looking to sell their products online. These websites usually contain a load of information other than the products they sell, these are things like a forum, faq, policies, store location and many other things as such.

Web System

These websites are usually custom built for each client based on their specific requirements and needs. They can include but not limited to features such as courses, directory,


No coding should be needed to update the text and images of your website. Your team will be trained and further documentation will be provided if necessary.

mobile first

Over half of your audience will visit from their mobile device. Your website will look its best, however your visitors arrive at your page. Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, or Mobile.


Ranking well in Google search results is crucial to your success. At Rentiel Media, we make sure your site is SEO friendly and is easily found by the google algorithm.


Many agencies use templates to build their clients websites. Being unique and standing out from the crowd is the best way to make an impact.


Within today’s world there is ample nonsense to wade through. Your website doesn’t have to be another one of those things. Give honest and well-written content to your audience, which you can proudly stand behind.


Boring, dull websites are forgotten and overlooked? You have the chance to be anything online, so inspire your audience to take action. Take them on a journey that they won’t forget with a destination they can’t wait to reach.


The future is beyond our grasp and your website needs to keep up. Do not stand waiting for your audience. Focus on a fast, responsive, and user friendly website. One second too long long for loading time can make or break a lead.


Keep it simple. Information overload is a real thing and it’s true that less is better sometime. Layouts, designs, and content need to be clear and to the point. Remember, consistency is key.